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Frequently asked questions – Kids Run Free

Q. What is Kids Run Free?

Kids Run Free is a charity which aims to promote an active, healthy and happy lifestyle for children.
We believe children need to be encouraged to regularly take part in outdoors activities, so our events are designed to get kids up and running from an early age. We also believe that to sustain children's interest these activities need to be regular and fun - that's why our events are family and community occasions; encouraging parents/guardians to come along with their children and make good use of their neighbourhoods' recreational facilities.

Our mission is to create fun, sustainable running opportunities for 0-16 year olds, igniting their passion for sport and physical activity and allowing them to become healthier, happier, more confident children.

Q. What does it cost?

Just as the names ays, it is completely FREE to take part in Kids Run Free events

Q. Is there a Kids Run Free event in my area?

We have many locations across the Midlands and the South with new locations being launched monthly across the country. To find out about locations please visit our locations page.

Q. How do I register my child/ren for Kids Run Free? 

To register for FREE please click here. You will need to register each individual child.

Q. How often do Kids Run Free events happen?

This depends on the location. Some are monthly on the first Saturday of the month; some are fortnightly on the first & third or second and fourth Saturdays of the month; others are weekly on every Saturday of the month. To find out when your nearest Kids Run Free event runs please visit our locations page.

Q. Do I need to bring anything with me?

Please bring to every event you attend each child's Membership Card (this is in the form of a bar code that will need to be printed off when you register). 

We advise that you bring a drink and a snack for your child/ren.

Suitable footwear and clothing for the weather (children do not need to be in sports clothing most children run in their normal clothes with coats, hats, trainers, boots or wellies depending on the time of year and the weather)

Q. Will a Kids Run Free event happen even if it’s raining or snowing?

Yes! The only time we would cancel an event due to the weather is if it was considered to be too dangerous for the children to run. We have held events in the rain and snow and of course warm sunny mornings.

Q. There are no Kids Run Free events near to me, how can I set up an event in my area?

To set up an event please contact Samantha Young or call 07711 349592 to discuss.

You can easily set up an event in your area. We will help you to secure funding and a location by contacting local grants, funders or businesses. You will need to contact the Council if the park is Council owned or you can try contacting your local sports centre/running club and see if they would be interested in getting involved. We will give you support with this where needed.

If you would like to get involved firstly please download the PDF file ‘Everything you need to know to set up a Kids Run free event’ and read the information provided there.





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