A charity dedicated to inspiring children to become healthier, happier and more confident.

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Kids Run Free is a charity which aims to promote an active, healthy and happy lifestyle for children.

We believe children need to be encouraged to regularly take part in outdoors activities, so our events are designed to get kids up and running from an early age.

We also believe that to sustain children's interest these activities need to be regular and fun - that's why our events are family and community occasions; encouraging parents/guardians to come along with their children and make good use of their neighbourhoods' recreational facilities.

Our mission is to create fun, sustainable running opportunities for 0-16 year olds,

igniting their passion for sport and physical activity and allowing them

to become healthier, happier, more confident children.

What is a Kids Run Free event?

It is very simple; we set up a 250m rectangular course in a park or recreation ground for children to run around. Races take place on Saturday mornings at 9am - these are divided into age groups

  • 0-2 run 50m 
  • 3-4 run 100m
  • 5-6 run 250m
  • 7-8 run 500m
  • 9’s and overs run 1k+

These distances are just the starting point of the children's running and all age groups are encouraged to run as far as they can with the younger ones joining in with the older children’s races should they want to, and they usually do! As children complete a full lap of the 250m course they receive a lap band (elastic band). When they have finished running they count up the lap bands and they will know how far they have run, they can write this distance into their race card along with a time if they or their parent/guardian has timed them. Every child receives a sticker (only one per event attended) to put into their race card after they have run their specific age appropriate race, once the race card is full the child will receive a free gift from us to celebrate their achievement.

Free gifts are awarded on these bases:

  • Monthly events after 8 attendances
  • Fortnightly events after 16 attendances

What happens on the Day?

All children on their first event are given a race card and a small welcome gift

Our volunteers arrive on site at 8.30am to set up the course 

Children and their families arrive at 8:45am for registration

Warm-up start as soon as the children arrive and before each of the races begin

Races start at 9am, each age group is called to the start line for their race

Children run their specific races and are encouraged to join in with the next races and doing laps of the 250m course if they want to

Stickers are handed out at the end of each race – only one sticker per child per event attended

Site is cleared by 10am

It really is all about the fun of running as the children can run as much or as little as they want.  We are fully inclusive regardless of ability or fitness.


We use volunteers to deliver all of our events, the roles are:

  • Race Director - manages the event including hosting the races, makes sure everything runs to time and is set up properly.
  • Warm Up Volunteer - sets up the warm up equipment and gets the kids up and moving when they first arrive before doing their races
  • Registration & Information Volunteer - registers each child and their attendance at each event and any other general jobs throughout the event.
  • Course Marshals – these volunteers help where there is any need and generally to keep all children motivated


The overall cost of running a Kids Run Free event is £6,000, this allows us to run the event for four years. Before an event can be launched we need to secure funding of £1,600 this will allow us to buy all of the equipment needed for the event.

This funding is matched by our sister company Raceways which helps the charity pay for the staffing costs and back office work with the rest being funded by a major sponsor.


  • Event stakes and race tape
  • 1 x Banner
  • Warm up agility equipment
  • Measuring wheel
  • Volunteer tabards and rucksack
  • First aid kit
  • Race cards & stickers
  • Elastic lap bands
  • Small welcome gifts
  • Free gifts

Attendance Numbers:

We see locations that regularly have 80 – 100 children attending each event and benefiting from this very simple but effective program that we offer. For a launch event we would expect to see between 10 – 30 children attending.


Part of our aim is to bring people into their local parks and recreation grounds, using the green space around them and building the feeling of community in these areas. Based on this our needs are very simple, we need:

  • an area of grass big enough for the 50m x 75m course with flat ground – about the size of a football pitch
  • parking facilities or bus/tube stops nearby
  • ideally toilets nearby
  • a café is always a bonus

What we will be asking of you:

Your support of the events and advice on a location. You are best suited to let us know which park or green space in your area would be an appropriate place for a Kids Run Free event and the more support you can give us the more successful the event will be, the support we will need is:

  • Advertising and PR for the events
  • Write and put out a Press Release on our behalf – we can write the Press Release for you if needed
  • Help us to engage the local press and radio for advertisement
  • Help us to get the message to the schools, sports centres, parent groups, local businesses by distributing the flyers and posters
  • Advertise us on your website & Social Media sites
  • Follow us on Social Media

We have a Marketing & PR Co-ordinator who will be working on the PR but we find that generally the message is received better with the local press etc when it comes from the local Council or community.

Support with volunteer engagement

Connect us with running clubs, sports centre, the local volunteer centre etc

We have a Volunteer Co-ordinator who will be advertising the different volunteer opportunities but any further support you can give will aid this.


  • Securing the funding of £1,600 for the equipment from your budget or other grants application.
  • Advise on other funding opportunities in the area that we could apply to.

We have a funding and grants officer who will be looking for grant opportunities but your support can help to speed up this process.

What happens next?

We very much hope that you can see the benefit of having a Kids Run Free event in your area and that this document has answered all of your questions.

If you would like to discuss launching an event or to discuss further please contact Louise Askew or call 07711 349592



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