Holland aims for Triple Treadmill Guinness World Records glory

Kids Run Free ambassador Adam ‘Tango’ Holland has received the green light from
Guinness World Records to attempt to become the fastest man in history to complete a half marathon, full marathon and 50km on a treadmill when he takes up the challenge on Saturday, May 30, at 9am.

The ultramarathon athlete is taking a break from training his two young daughters as mini-runners, but both children and his wife will be cheering on the 33-year-old when he laces up his trainers and clambers on to his garage treadmill for nearly three hours of pain, powered by the thought of pizza, cola and flapjacks – simple rewards for what will be a hat-trick of incredible achievements.

The former newsagent-turned-mattress maker – originally from Tavistock but now residing in Wellington, Somerset – is best known for completing 10 Marathons in 10 Days in the fastest time ever, a feat he completed in 2017, beating the previous record by over an hour.

He was also the youngest athlete to notch up 100 Marathons in Europe when he completed the Eden Project course on 10/10/2010 as a 23-year-old, breaking the record of his running inspiration Steve Edwards.

Both achievements are recognised and recorded in the Guinness World Records book, but ‘Tango’ – a nickname paying homage to his regularly-worn orange running apparel – is keen to add three more significant milestones to his list of accolades as well as drawing attention to charity Kids Run Free (KRF).

Holland will have to run at around 18.2km/h on average if he’s to break the fastest
marathon run on a treadmill record of 2 hours 20 minutes. His time to beat for the fastest half marathon run on a treadmill is 1:10:42, while the fastest time to run 50k on a treadmill (male) stands at 2:57:25, achieved by Florian Neuschwander (Germany), but the Tavistock Athletic Club ultra-marathon runner is confident of success across all three distances this weekend.

‘It’s something I’ve been planning to do for a couple of years now, and lockdown has given me the perfect opportunity to do it, and I know I can do it,’ said Holland.
‘I suffer from dyslexia, but sport was my release when I was at school – and it still is. I didn’t have any great natural talent for running as a child, it was just something I did to get away from academic pressures. I played football, rugby and hockey – something I still do now – but I started to take running a bit more seriously when I was in my early 20s. Like any sport, you just have to want it more and more, the better you get – and I wanted to succeed, so whilst I wouldn’t say I was gifted, I did benefit from a mental toughness and it shows that if you want something badly enough, you can achieve it.

‘As well as having a strong desire to hold another three Guinness World Records titles, I really want to demonstrate my support for and raise awareness of Kids Run Free for which I have been an extremely proud ambassador since 2018,’ he added.

Kids Run Free provides running opportunities for children from toddlers to teens, regardless of background or fitness levels. Founded in 2010, KRF operates two running-based initiatives; Marathon Kids in school time, and Park Kids at weekends and during the school holidays. More than 140,000 children have benefited from the KRF programme of activity over the past ten years, with children completing laps of a 250m course which are added onto the Digital Tracking System (DTS) that showcases the distance each budding athlete has clocked up.

‘I am extremely-passionate about children knowing and understanding the importance of running and keeping fit, and this has obviously been heightened since my two daughters were born,’ said Holland. ‘KRF does an incredible job of offering solutions to teachers and parents to help kids get active, and hopefully I can help to inspire some more to run with an older sibling or parent, even in these times of lockdown,’ he added.

In addition to the two Guinness World Records, Holland was also England Athletics 50K Ultra Distance Champion in 2017, and has completed an incredible total of 477 marathons in his career, winning 265.

‘We are extremely proud to have Adam associated with Kids Run Free and he is such a force of positivity, not just for children who want to follow in his footsteps, but for the wider running community,’ said Martine Verweij, founder and CEO of KRF.

INFORMATION: Adam Holland’s Triple Treadmill Marathon Guinness World Records attempt will be broadcast live on his YouTube channel on Saturday, May 30, 2020. Please watch and subscribe at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKRr15miRPLWCfdt4lHubgA