The Beat Mo challenge! 1 marathon, 8 weeks…

We are very excited to announce that our Global Ambassador, Mo Farah, has teamed up with us to inspire children to get moving by setting the challenge of running 1 marathon before he finishes running the London Marathon on 22.04.18. Who thinks they can beat a 4 time Olympian to the finish line?

So here’s the challenge: From Monday 26th February 2018 you’ve got 8 weeks to run 1 marathon. It’s time to lace up and get moving!

If you’re a school who is currently running our Marathon Kids programme, you can sign up today and download a kilometre log for all the children who want to take part. They’ll be able to track their progress over the 8 week challenge, whether this is at school or at home.

If you’re a parent who takes their children to one of our Kids Run Free events then you can download our KRF Running App for FREE (available on the App store). The app is a fun and easy way for them to track their progress over the 8 weeks plus you can use it at the parks events or when you and your family run together.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to download your Beat Mo Challenge poster to display at school, at your local Kids Run Free event or at home to inspire children to take part. We will send you motivational emails and social media posts to keep you running through the challenge and at the finish, you’ll be able to download a Beat Mo certificate to fill in!

Check out Mo’s official launch post on his Instagram page:

To get involved, why not sign up today and see if you can Beat Mo!