Daniel’s Marathon

At six years old, Daniel Willis is our youngest-ever fundraiser. He began attending the Leamington Spa Kids Run Free event two years ago, and discovered a love of running. Recently, Daniel set for himself the amazing challenge of completing a marathon in the month of December to raise money for Kids Run Free. We will be using the funds he raised to provide more fun and accessible running events. We have been so impressed at Daniel’s dedication in reaching his goal – he ran his marathon in the impressive time of 6 hours, 10 minutes and 57 seconds! 

Daniel first started running 100m races, but now regularly runs 3k on a Saturday morning with us. He was inspired by the Marathon Kids programme, brought to schools by Kids Run Free, where children aim to complete a marathon by running laps that build up over the school year to cover the distance of a marathon. He decided to increase the challenge and run his marathon over the course of a single month. Go Daniel! We are so proud that you reached your target! 

If you’d like to support Daniel and Kids Run Free today, follow this link to his fundraising page. Thank you.