How to keep up your 60 minutes of physical activity over the summer

Schools have been doing everything they can to meet the government guidelines of giving children the opportunity to be physically active for at least 30 minutes every day at school. This has included delivering the Marathon Kids programme alongside their standard PE lessons and other initiatives.

The team at Kids Run Free know how challenging the summer holidays can be – arranging childcare or making sure you have enough activities to keep them entertained every day. We also know that children’s physical activity levels reduce significantly over the six weeks holiday. This can result in children losing fitness and stamina levels that they’ve achieved at school, and possibly losing interest in getting involved, making it harder to get going again when they go back.

Please make physical activity a priority for you and your children over the summer. To help you do this we’ve highlighted some ideas for you to try, and best of all they’re FREE – 

  • Check out your local Park Kids event – Park Kids running events take place across the UK to inspire children of all ages to run together for fun and enjoyment, and always for free. Children can run as much or as little as they want,  receiving rewards to celebrate their achievements and keep them motivated along the way – check out our locations here:
  • Run or walk a Marathon together – just 1km a day over the 44 days of summer and you will have completed a marathon! Not only that, you will have spent quality time together outside, talking and having fun. You could choose a different conversation topic each day, you might be surprised at what you discuss and find out about each other…
  • Download the KRF Running App – log your running/walking on our KRF Running App which will tell you how far you are towards your marathon
  • Junior Park Run – is there a Junior Park Run near you? Check out their locations here
  • Register for a Fun Run – search for any local fun runs in your area (our next one is on Sunday 1st September at the Kenilworth Half Marathon – sign up for free here)
  • Set a daily 10 minute challenge – who can do the most of the examples below in 2 mins? Why not come up with some of your own and get creative!
    • Star jumps 
    • Running lengths of the garden 
    • Sit-ups 
    • Bouncing a ball
    • Speed walking around the garden
  • Check out the “10 Minute Shake up Games” from Change4Life and Disney – there are loads of great resources and ideas here

Whatever activities you choose to do this summer we hope you have fun doing them together. Tell us what you’re getting up to by connecting with us on our socials and we’ll share them with our community.

Happy holidays everyone!

The Kids Run Free Team