Kids were made to move. Running comes naturally to children, plus it’s fun and free. Kids Run Free running events make great use of our public green spaces to encourage this natural movement and inspire a lifelong love of physical activity.

Kids Run Free passionately believes that physical activity can unlock the potential in all children, making them happier, healthier and more confident for life.

Running events take place across the UK. Depending on the location, we meet once or twice a month to inspire children, from toddlers to teens, to run together for fun and enjoyment, and always for free.

Our events are staffed by enthusiastic and friendly volunteers and are suitable for all ages.

There is NO need to book onto a specific event, just turn up on the day and enjoy the fun!

Children can run as much or as little as they want. You will be given a Tracking Log or Attendance Card to bring each time to record their attendance and the distance they run.

Along the way, they’ll receive rewards to celebrate their achievements and keep them motivated.

Let’s inspire kids to run the way they want, sporty or not, get them involved and find the fun in being active.


All parks events follow these same steps

Each event has a group of dedicated and amazing Race Directors and volunteers, who bring all the equipment and make sure everything is ready to welcome your young athletes

On arrival, children either sign in if new or go straight to warm up if previously signed up with a race card

Then its ‘Get Set, Get Ready, Go!’

Firstly children take part in fun age group races ranging from 50m – 500m

After these races all children run together building up laps of the 250m course at their own pace. This is about building on distance, becoming stronger and more confident. During this time volunteers and parents provide lots of encouragement as well as a bit of role-modeling by running themselves

With every lap run, children receive a lap band (an elastic band that they place round their wrist). Each lap band is worth the distance of one lap of the course, when running has finished each child counts up the total number of elastic bands they have collected and knows how far they have run.

Each child’s final distance is added to the sign in sheet where they then receive a sticker for their race card confirming their attendance

A sticker for each time you attend means once a race card is completely filled in, depending on whether it’s their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or even 5th card, the children are awarded t-shirts or trophies accordingly by the race director in a small presentation at the following event


Over 8000 children have taken part in the Kids Run Free parks programme

More than 100 amazing people have given over 3,000 volunteer hrs by volunteering as Race Directors and general event volunteers all in the aim of getting kids active

The average distance each child toddles, walks or runs at each session is 2km

An average of 20 children attended each running session