If sport has played a significant part in your life, why not help us to transform the health of the next generation by leaving a gift in your will.

Your bequest will provide the springboard to create a generation of more active children, so they start young and stay fit for life. It’s our mission to provide free, sustainable opportunities for children to ignite their passion for sport and physical activity from an early age, ensuring healthier, happier and more confident children.

A gift of £3,500 will pay for the implementation of a brand new Parks event which we will run in your name for ever.

A gift of £500 will pay for a school in your area to come onto the Marathon Kids programme for one year.

If you would like to make a bequest, please contact your solicitor with these key pieces of information.

Charity Name: Kids Run Free
Charity Number: 1146636
Charity Registered Address: Kensall Cottages, Oversley Green, Alcester, B49 6PH
Chosen Town and/or County you would like your gift to support

Please include some information about yourself, on why you decided to support Kids Run Free and how you would like your legacy to continue.