Teacher and Home Schools

If you’d like to sign up for Marathon Kids all you need to do is fill in the Registration Form 

External Facilitator

If you are an external facilitator who wishes to deliver Marathon Kids in a school, please contact us on [email protected] or call us on 01926 336628 / 07711349592 for further information about how to go about setting up the programme.

Marathon Kids is a running initiative from national children’s charity Kids Run Free. Marathon Kids gives children the opportunity to run or walk laps of their playground or field until they complete the distance of a marathon or more throughout the school year. It’s all about personal achievement and encourages children, regardless of fitness or ability, to inspire a love of being active from an early age.

The Marathon Kids programme is FREE!

However, if you need any extras, we’ve got everything you need from course equipment to rewards on the Kids Run Free online shop.

Interested schools, home-school parents and external facilitators please click here for the Teacher Pack.

Parents, carers and guardians please click here for the Parent Pack.

  • The Marathon Kids Digital Tracking System
  • Support Tools, How to Guides, Videos Guides
  • Marathon Kids Certificates
  • The Marathon Champion’s Guide
  • The Marathon Champion’s Welcome Pack including a Marathon Champion’s T-shirt for you
  • A set of four exclusive Marathon Ambassador badges for children who will support you to run the programme
  • Two Engagement Posters
  • Continued support throughout the programme from our friendly team

School Field Starter Kit:

  • 10 Event stakes to mark out the running course
  • 3 Marathon Kids corner flags
  • 6m of race tape
  • 3 bags of Marathon Kids lap-bands (approx 750 elastic bands per bag)

Hard Standing Playground Starter Kit:

  • 2 Marathon Kids trainer print stencils, one left foot, one right foot
  • 1 can of white playground quality professional line marking liquid
  • 3 bags of Marathon Kids lap-bands (approx. 750 elastic bands per bag)

Starter Kits are available, along with many other products, from the Kids Run Free online shop.

You can also purchase the time of a dedicated Marathon Maker to come and launch the programme for you, which includes: setting up your Digital Tracking System, presenting a Launch Day Assembly, leading your first running session and training you and your Marathon Ambassadors.

Yes, we provide a FREE certificate that is generated automatically by your Digital Tracking System for each child that participates on the programme. You can also print bespoke certificates at any distance for children that may need extra motivation to keep running.

Wristbands, medals and many more rewards are available to purchase from the Kids Run Free online shop. These rewards are designed to help motivate the children and keep them engaged in the programme.

Yes, of course. We have implemented steps to allow schools without a green space to be involved too. These steps are very simple:

  • Reducing the total distance a child can run during each session – no more than 2k in any one session
  • Change the direction the children run each session

Don’t forget you can also purchase the Marathon Kids Hard Standing Playground Starter Kit from the Kids Run Free online shop which includes:

  • 2 Marathon Kids trainer print stencils, one left foot, one right foot
  • 1 can of white playground quality professional line marking liquid
  • 3 bags of Marathon Kids lap-bands (approx. 750 elastic bands per bag)

We understand that running during the wetter and colder months can be a challenge just as it can be running in very hot conditions. We advise that where possible you continue to deliver Marathon Kids, no matter the weather or time of year, as this educates children that physical activity is not just for fair weather days. Make sure children are dressed appropriately for the time of year and the weather.

You may wish to ask children to bring in a change of shoes/boots to run in to avoid wet and muddy shoes in school after running.

Using your concrete playground when your field is out of use is a good way to keep running.

Also please visit the Teachers Resources page and check out the Marathon Kids Winter Running Guide and the Marathon Kids Physical Activity Cards. These guides give ideas of how to use your classroom for physical activity and games to play in PE.

As a part of registering for Marathon Kids we provide you with a FREE Digital Tracking System (DTS). This DTS allows you to record all children’s running and will automatically calculate the distance run. You will also have access to the How To Use Your Digital Tracking System Guide to train you to use it. We’ve designed the system to be easy to use. In fact, we recommend that older children in Years 5 & 6 input the running information after each session.

Please note, in order to be in line with data protection laws you will need to obtain parent/guardian permission before adding any children to the DTS. You can use your own permission collection processes for this or print off our DTS Permission Letter.

Marathon Kids runs in accordance with your academic year. September to May for schools in England, Wales & Northern Ireland and August to April for schools in Scotland.

Whilst there is no official start date, with schools coming onto the programme throughout the academic year, we do recommend as early a start as possible to give kids more time to run further.

During your summer holidays your Digital Tracking System will automatically archive the past academic years running data ready for you to upload the new academic years registers.

Schools are not obliged to make Marathon Kids a fundraising opportunity.

However, if you do wish to fundraise on our behalf, we would be over the moon!
As a small charity we can only do the work we do due to funding we receive from others. Every bit of funding we receive goes towards the running of Kids Run Free and the implementation and improvement of our programmes.

You might also want to bring other schools onto the programme. The more you tell others about the work we do, the more children we can support to be healthier, happier and more confident.

The Marathon Kids concept fits with the ethos of 2013’s OFSTED report, “Beyond 2012: Outstanding physical education for all.” Furthermore, taking part in Marathon Kids can contribute to OFSTED requirements on the effective use of PE and sports funding, as outlined in OFSTED’s report, “Inspecting primary school PE and school sport: new funding January 2014.”

Teachers will see the positive impact of the programme on children as they begin to achieve and have the opportunity to become leaders and mentors.

Marathon Kids also fits with many of the criteria for your Healthy Schools Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.