Marathon Kids has had a 95% participation rate over the last three school years – how cool is that?

Children run/walk laps of the playground/field and for each lap completed, they receive a ‘lap band’ (elastic band). These are added up at the end of each session and added to the tracking system. Children are inspired to run/walk multiple marathons over the school year and all of their personal achievements are celebrated.

Don’t forget, Marathon Kids is a home school and SEND friendly programme so everyone can get involved!

I’m, a teacher – I want more information

I’m a parent – how do I inspire my child to run?

Why it works

Now here’s for the science bit!

We do our own measurement and evaluation over the school year, but we have also partnered with Loughborough University, to research the implementation of Marathon Kids and develop a programme that is sustainable and really does work!

It's all about the Marathon Kids Five Pillars

Goal setting – encourage you to allow children to set their own goals and work hard towards reaching them

Tracking – provide you with a Digital Tracking System (DTS) to track and measure runners progress and participation in real time, with no need to send back data to us

Role-modelling – running with the children is proven to increase participation and enjoyment

Celebrating – help you to celebrate the children’s achievements, right from your launch day to the final lap

Rewards – we have all the incentives you need to reward your Marathon Kids and keep them motivated toward achieving their goals

The Kids Run Free Running App

Inspire your Marathon Kids to continue their running outside of school by using the KRF Running App. When you become a Marathon Kids school you’ll be able to download a QR Code for every child that you enter onto your DTS (Digital Tracking System).

The QR Code, when scanned by a parent adding a child to the app, will connect that child’s app and your DTS. This highlights the full impact of the programme, showing teachers and parents what has been achieved in and outside of school  (your school running data is always kept separate).

Download the KRF Running App here.

The Kids Run Free shop

We’ve created a great range of products to help you deliver the programme, including running course “Starter Kits” for grass fields or hard standing playgrounds,  branded rewards and dedicated Marathon Makers who will come and launch the programme for you.

To check them out, head here.