Million KM Barrier SMASHED!

Pioneering national charity Kids Run Free (KRF) is celebrating another significant milestone, after dedicated children succeeded in lapping up more than a million kilometres at their schools and favourite parks since tracking began in 2016, before the country entered the current lockdown period.

Backed by sporting behemoth Nike, KRF provides running opportunities for children from toddlers to teens, regardless of background or fitness levels. Founded in 2010, KRF operates two running-based initiatives – Marathon Kids in school time, and Park Kids at weekends and in the holidays – with more than 140,000 children having taken part in events across the country in the last decade.

‘To pass a million kilometres in just over three and a half years of tracking is incredible, and a clear indication that children and schools enjoy being engaged in Marathon Kids and Park Kids,’ said Martine Verweij, co-founder of KRF.
‘We are receiving great feedback from teachers, parents, volunteers and the children – we want to keep growing, and offering up running opportunities for an even bigger number of would-be participants. We are extremely-appreciative of our supporters, and look forward to putting on new events later in the year,’ she added.

This year alone over 22,000 children are registered on the Digital Tracking System (DTS) which highlights how far children run. Youngsters completing Marathon Kids run laps of their school playground or sports field throughout the course of the year with a goal to complete up to four marathons, earning rewards as they go.

Park Kids works in a similar way enthusiastic volunteers inspire parents and their children to complete laps of a 250m space in a fun, safe environment. The distances accumulated in both Marathon Kids and Park Kids can then be added to the KRF running app.

INFORMATION: If you would like more details on Kids Run Free, Marathon Kids and Park Kids, please visit or email the team at [email protected]