Marathon Kids is an exciting programme from Kids Run Free, which gives primary school children the opportunity to run or walk the distance of up to four marathons or more throughout the school year.

Our programme emphasises personal achievement. It aims to inspire and empower children of all fitness levels and abilities to set and achieve goals. Running is free, full of health benefits, and requires little to no equipment. And running a marathon is recognised by all as a huge achievement. Kids Run Free takes this remarkable achievement, and by using the Marathon Kids programme, breaks it down in a way that encourages children of any fitness ability to set and reach personal goals.

We are proud to have the support of global Marathon Kids Ambassador, Sir Mo Farah, inspiring the next generation of Marathon Kids to get moving:

“I love running, and it’s given me and my family so much,” says Farah. “As a dad, I know how important it is for my children to be active, and I’m honoured to have the chance to inspire kids to run with Marathon Kids.”

For schools interested in Marathon Kids, Kids Run Free offers a flexible programme that will work with existing school timetables. We provide an online DTS (Digital Tracking System) with which schools are able to track each child’s participation and progress, in order to provide a clear and accurate picture of when and how they attain their personal goals.

Alongside of the DTS we also provide free support tools and teacher resources that help you to deliver the programme and drive participation. If schools want a more hands on approach they can purchase the time of a dedicated Marathon Maker to get their programmes up and running. We also sell full starter kits and rewards all from our online shop.

When schools deliver the Marathon Kids programme, they have a better chance of achieving the recommended 30 minutes of daily physical activity to be provided within school time. That’s great for their bodies and their minds: physical activity has been proven to help kids perform better in school and exhibit better behaviour too.

By encouraging parents to download the KRF Running App, children and their families can achieve the other 30 minutes of physical activity and ultimately reach the over-all recommended 60 minutes of moderate to physical activity per day.

Marathon Kids can also be easily used by those providing home-school options and within S.E.N.D. schools. To find out more please contact us 01926 336628/07711349592 for more information.