Marathon Kids Training Film

The Marathon Kids training video gives you a step by step guide to setting up Marathon Kids at your school. Total length – 14 minutes accessed via Vimeo. Some schools do not allow access to this site, if this is the case you will need to view from a personal device.

Marathon Champions Guide

Download this extensive guide to everything Marathon Kids – includes all information on how to manage the programme and handy check lists for setting up the programme.

DTS Permission Letter

In line with GDPR laws it is essential that you gain parent/guardian permission before adding children to the Digital Tracking System. If you have already gained these permissions allowing you to add children to any databases that the school chooses to use, using your own systems this is great, otherwise, download and print out this handy letter NOW and send to all parents.

Setup Checklist

Use these check lists to help you set up your Marathon Kids Programme and keep you on track to your launch day

Colleague Engagement Document

Download or print out this Colleague Engagement Pack and send to all teachers in your school. This document will inform them about how they can get involved and support you in the running of the programme whilst inspiring all children to participate, it may even get some of them running too

Child Poster

Print off this child engagement poster to put up on your Marathon Kids board or in the classrooms or corridors. There is a handy space for you to write the number of laps per week that children need to run to reach the goal

Teacher Poster

Print off this teacher engagement poster and put up in your staff room, or other staff areas around the school, to advertise the programme and engage your colleagues to get on board and support you

Marathon Kids Flyer

Download this flyer and add it to your school newsletter to inform parents about the programme

Winter Running Guide

This guide will help you to continue running Marathon Kids despite the weather. You will also find activity games for developing an active classroom.

Marathon Kids Physical Activity Cards

Use these Physical Activity Cards as a part of your PE lessons or during the winter when running outside can be more challenging. Each game played for 20 minute equates to one kilometre of running towards Marathon Kids.