Kids Run Free selected to feature on the Nike Run Club app

The story of Kids Run Free has been chosen to be featured as part of Nike’s ‘Together We Fly Community Challenge’, and has been shared on the Nike Run Club (NRC) app and available to millions of users across Europe, the Middle East and Africa from today, July 9.

The national charity was selected as one of several organisations that partner with Nike to do great work in the community.

Made to Play is Nike’s commitment – with community partners – to get kids moving through play and sport. All kids love to play, but not every kid has the opportunity, especially those from underrepresented communities.

Nike are on a mission to change that, and since June 26 they have been operating the first Nike Run Club community challenge, a new feature of the Nike Run Club app where everyone is running towards one (bigger) goal. Nike asked athletes to join the Together We Fly challenge and run a collective 2,000,000km to inspire over 300,000 kids as part of our Made to Play commitment across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

‘It was absolutely fantastic to be chosen by Nike to have our story told, and be part of this amazing challenge to help get kids running,’ said Martine Verweij, CEO and founder of Kids Run Free. ‘We are ramping up our efforts to connect with more children and schools from underrepresented communities, and we are extremely appreciative of Nike helping us to tell the story of Kids Run Free on the Nike Run club app, whilst also playing our part in supporting the challenge,’ she added.

There is still time for kids and adults to get involved with the Together We Fly Challenge too. Every run you go on counts and gets Nike closer to the 2,000,000km goal. So, whether you run a little or a lot, the whole NRC community will be running with you. With your help, nothing can hold us back.

You can get the Nike Run Club app by:
1. Go to the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) – links below
2. Select the ‘Nike Run Club’ app
3. Click on ‘Download’
4. Create a ‘Nike Membership’ account (it’s free)
Google Play Store:
App Store:

You can join the Together We Fly Community Challenge by:
1. Go to the ‘Challenge’ page in the NRC app
2. Select the ‘Together We Fly Community Challenge’
3. Click on ‘Join Challenge’.