Kids were made to move. Running comes naturally to children, plus it’s fun and free. Kids Run Free bring you Park Kids. Our events encourage this natural movement and inspire a lifelong love of physical activity.

Kids Run Free passionately believes that physical activity can unlock the potential in all children, making them happier, healthier and more confident for life.

Park Kids running events take place across the UK to inspire children, from toddlers to teens, to run together for fun and enjoyment, and always for free.

Children can run as much or as little as they want receiving rewards to celebrate their achievements and keep them motivated along the way.

Let’s inspire kids to run the way they want, sporty or not, get them involved and find the fun in being active.

Park Kids events are delivered by a group of dedicated and amazing volunteers who welcome every new and regular runner as well as new volunteers all year round.

To register your child for Park Kids download the FREE KRF Running App. Choose your own avatar and use the app to track your child’s running and calculate how far they are towards their personal marathons. Also use the app to track your own running, you can be a Park Kid too!

If your child run’s with Marathon Kids at school ask their teacher for their QR Code so you can see how far they are running.