They’ve only gone and done it! 25 days 19 hours 10 minutes…

We are extremely proud to announce that our CEO, Martine Verweij and her husband Brian Tear have completed Tour Divide 2018 in an amazing 25 days 19 hours and 10 minutes!

The dynamic duo began the almighty solo cycling challenge in Banff, Canada cycling the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, the longest off-road cycle route in the world and finished in Antelope Wells, New Mexico. A challenge of the most gargantuan proportions and all in aid of our charity Kids Run Free.

We had regular updates as they tackled debris strewn mountain passes, vertical inclines, ravines and desert along with erratic weather conditions, bike issues, snakes, black widow spiders and of course, the infamous grizzlies!

Storms, snow, rain, strong headwinds and immense heat added to the pressure of their epic challenge and by Day 17 mental and physical exhaustion had set in. It was the clear that continuous days in the saddle for up to 16 hrs at a time were beginning to take their toll and it was obvious that they were both missing the kids and the rest of the family more than they could have imagined.

After a quieter ride on Day 18 they had the chance to recharge with much needed rest and food so by the next morning things were looking much brighter. Self-assured and smiling, Martine was back in the saddle and we knew there was no giving up and they’d be seeing this through to the end.

From Day 21 it was mostly night cycling to avoid the heat and on this last stretch they knew the end was finally in sight which kept them pushing on to the finish.

Now for some super stats!

2725: Total miles overall

164: The amount of people who started the challenge

72: The amount people who quit part way through

105.6: Average miles per day

9.9mph: Average moving speed

Martine finished as 4th woman and 49th overall with Brian finishing as the 45th man and 48th overall.

We are incredibly proud of these two super humans who are the very best role models for our charity. The magnitude of what they’ve achieved is awe inspiring and if you’d like to make a donation now they’ve completed what they set out to achieve, please click here.